WHOA Ohdeedoh!

Something magical happened yesterday.

My little ol' blog was linked on a huge blog with tons of readers, and a good lot of 'em actually visited me here! Ohdeedoh is Apartment Therapy's design blog for children's spaces and they somehow located a photo I posted of my niece's nursery, designed and decorated by my very own sister. (You can read about her life as a working mother and wife over at Growing Up Senge.)

The folks at Ohdeedoh featured my niece's crib nook as an example of a small cool space -- they said super nice things about the giraffe spots my sister painted on the wall, her hanging tissue paper pom poms, and the striped blanket I crocheted! See the full post here.

I'm trying to learn just how they might have found my little corner of the Interwebs so I can do more of whatever it was that lead them here! When I see my dear sister this weekend for Alice's 1st birthday party, I'll definitely toast her awesomeness for her home design being featured on such a prestigious blog! And for good measure, here's a picture of the adorable child who gets to enjoy this small cool space:

Photo courtesy of my mom's iPhone.
She's stoked about it too.


  1. So cool Shannon! I am so happy to see you work featured! You are so talented! I am going to check out your sis's blog too :)

  2. you. are adorable. and now so many more people know it.

  3. Hurray! I've always thought that Alice's bedroom would be perfect for Ohdeedoh! They have good taste :)

    Congrats to you AND your sis!