Monsters + Books

Last night I went to bed early to help fight off the remnants of a nagging cold*, and promptly found myself too scared to go to sleep. Scared almost in the way that makes one take a running leap on to one's bed so as to avoid the monsters underneath. Scared in the way that makes one call one's boyfriend and sound like a silly dumb girl who is scared of monsters.

The monster, in this scenario, was Cathy Ames from East of Eden**. I am reading it for the first time and have been mesmerized by the tragic beauty of it from the start, but I was not prepared to meet Cathy Ames. You may find me a silly dumb girl, but yikes. Those cold eyes. I am thoroughly creeped.

And then today I saw this, about the secret life of books:

And yes, initially I was nearly as creeped out as I was by Cathy Ames. But then the music picks up and they swim and dance and the colors! It's like ideas and inspiration and history and truth and poetry all coming to life and having a party. It's like what happens when you read.

It's funny how creativity kicks in all at once, like these books coming to life when the door is locked tight. I wrapped this year's xmas presents in such a way that I wished no one would open them. It was a Pinterest-inspired masterpiece of brown paper, twine, vintage sheet music, paper doilies. And I didn't even photograph them. I also picked up a crochet hook and some yarn for the first time in months (I didn't forget how to do it). I've even been baking. Just a little. Twice, to be exact. And one of those times was actually a no-bake recipe. So I guess I've been no-baking.

And while I did not want to post another post about how it's been so long since I've posted a post, I just cannot ignore the hideous elephant in the room that is 2+ months away. Please know, I am not abandoning this just yet. I've just been fighting with some monsters.
*I can feel the NyQuil kicking in now, so please forgive any typos, blatant spelling errors, or weird subliminal messages.

**I will ask that anyone prompted to leave a comment please don't give anything away about the book. I am really weird about spoiled endings and will probably never forgive you. But do leave a comment! About anything else, related to the post or not. How's the weather where you are?