Free cone day+extra

Turns out, there is a perk to living a block away from the most overpriced Ben & Jerry's ever:

Living down the street meant popping over there as they handed out their last few cones of the day and not waiting in lines. Ever had ice cream with potato chips in it? Neither had I. Free ice cream means ice cream when you wouldn't normally eat it, especially because you'd never pay $5 for one small scoop.

Free cone day is sort of like Tuesdays at Anthropologie when everything goes on sale, when you wouldn't normally get a dress but then you do, because it's only $30 and why not get a dress when it's only $30? Especially if it does such marvelous things for your caboose. And yes, this frock used to cost $168. Just sayin'.

Tuesday wins! Here's wishing you all some equally brag-worthy freebies and bargains.


  1. 1) You never said how the potato chip ice cream tasted. Do tell.

    2) I was so so unaware of this Tuesdays-at-Anthropologie business! Is it ALL Anthropologies??

  2. I have two Anthropologies within a few miles of me, so their Tuesday sales are dangerous. But it's the Urban Outfitters 3 blocks away that really puts a strain on my wallet, since they have cheap stuff ALL the time.

    I would jump at the chance to eat ice cream and potato chips. Yum! Salty and sweet - the best combo!

  3. sigh, and you saw me. Whatta day.