The end is.. where?

Source: etsy.com via Susan on Pinterest

Leaving work downtown today I found myself funneled into total mayhem on Market Street. Traffic was ten buses deep and the sidewalks swarmed, more so than usual, with pedestrians. I saw at least one firetruck and ambulance squeeze through the congestion, sirens screaming.

Everyone around me seemed excited, loud. Horns honking, street cars dinging their bells, more sirens, bikes fighting through like insects, and the villagers all riled up. The sky was that colorless wash that carries with it an inevitable sense of foreboding. I couldn't tell what might have been going on other than an isolated emergency somewhere, some construction, just particularly bad traffic. Or... earthquake? Zombie apocalypse? UFO crash landing?

I got on the 6 outbound like any other day. The big black bus driver ma'am was shrieking from up front, "TEN MINUTES!" with more sass than I will ever have in my body. "I bin through it comin' down and it wuz TEN MINUTES!" I can't remember if this was before or after something hit our bus and she went into action mode, disembarked and, presumably, put an appendage back in place.

In a high window of a building on the corner of Market and 7th was a sign that said
the end is near. I looked up at it from the bus and then closed my eyes, listening to the hum (the roar?) of civilization, just glad to have a seat.


I found out later that Obama is in town, hence the traffic. Bit of a shame... the UFO thing would have been cool.

Source: flickr.com via Mara on Pinterest


  1. Holy crap! I'm glad I was well on the other side of town when Obama visited Seattle. Although, we did have two fighter jets create a sonic boom that LITERALLY shook the town because an unauthorized plane entered restricted airspace. My work building shook as though we had been bombed. Turned out not to be nearly as exciting as I'd thought.

  2. Shannon . I've been waiting for you to return to your blog as I check in periodically to see your always interesting take on whats around. I had to read back through all the new releases to find that you are still one of my most amazing nieces. Keep up the good work. Uncle Bill

  3. Wow! I hope my commute home through Los Angeles isn't that bad tonight! Obama is down here today (must be making his way through California) -- and I hear he's all over the city. Eek! I don't look forward to a potentially bad traffic jam!

    (beautifully written, by the way!)

  4. Our office closed early last Thursday for Obama. It seemed all of LA took the day off. I managed to meet friends for drinks at 3pm. It was glorious. I love good excuse for day drinking.

    Love the photo of peek-o-bama.