Moving Day

This is it! Today, I move. I am unrested, unorganized, and only partially packed. I didn't get to work on it yesterday until about 5pm, but that's who I am. The bigger the move, the longer I put off the preparations.

But as unprepared as I am, I'm definitely ready.

Image found at CAPow Art & Design.


  1. Very happy for you! Wonderful wonderful - and free to decorate to your heart's content!
    Here's an awesome Kirigami project to make your own mini Christmas tree: http://curbly.com/gallery/8-kirigami-folded-paper-christmas-trees/photo/121756
    It looks so difficult but it's really easy - I just made one myself. Resides on top of my sewing machine. If we had shelves I'd put it there, but alas we have none :( jeez how on earth could one forget buying them in IKEA! Do you have IKEA in the US?