I also have shoes and, um, a face.

Have you ever wondered what a shell with shoes on would say? Oh.. no? Well, you'll want to watch this anyway, just for good measure.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Today I went to the new and improved California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for the first time, and it was, in a word, awesome. Among the most notable creatures were tiny rainforest frogs. Actually, pretty much every reptile/amphibian in there got me all pointing and saying "dude" a lot.  "Look at him!" I'd say, referring to some kind of gecko or snake, "He is so cool. Wow, that's so cool. Oh my gosh, he is really cool. So cool." Somehow going to a place to learn about sciences only makes me dumber.

There was also this special eel place only for children, but we crawled right in there and found these tiny garden eels the size of worms that pop up out of the sea floor like this!

Oh, and the Journey to the Stars planetarium show narrated by none other than Whoopi Goldberg. I mean, who else? Speaking of people who narrate a lot of stuff, my brother saw Morgan Freeman the other day. Just, ya know, saw him. His actual body, and face, and he probably had shoes on.

On that note, happy long weekend! Anyone up for hang gliding on a dorito? I'm going tomorrow.


  1. I'm just gettin' dohreetos.

  2. i had four different people show me this video today, i'm absolutely in love with it.