Food Truck Me

I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but it's hard not to come close when you live in San Francisco. You can find unique, high quality noms made with local organic ingredients pretty much anywhere, even on wheels. Off the Grid is a roaming food court in which all the best gourmet food trucks in the city gather so you can try a little bit of everything. They come to my hood in the Upper Haight every Thursday, but you'll find more trucks and more people at Fort Mason on Friday nights. Here, of course, you get both beautiful bay views and gale force wind. But when you're huddled in a crowd of people eating their way into a food coma, you hardly notice the chill.

I popped over for my first visit and tried the expertly done Asian Asada from Kung Fu Tacos, and Brass Knuckle ("stylish street food" including menu items such as Lamb Halen, Notorious P.I.G. and Fryin' Maiden). What I had to share with you, though, was the cupcake. (Well, I couldn't share the actual cupcake with you, unfortunately. And I probably wouldn't have, anyway.) Cupkates Bakery runs the Bay Area's first cupcake truck, and oh my god can we talk about genius? The Salted Caramel is pictured above, and look how red that Red Velvet is peaking into the frame. It was, in a word, divine.

And speaking of the ethereal the spiritual the up above this world, tonight I'm going to see Florence + the Machine at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, and from what I've heard about her live show, I am not emotionally prepared. I mean, listen: 

Happy Sunday, cupcakes.


  1. Jon and I are food truck scouts too! We'd be in seriously trouble if there was a food truck caravan every week near our place.

    Once we move back to California, we'll have to satiate our good-food hunger by exploring SF eateries. You'll have to send me lots of suggestions, 'cause the only delicious place I know of to eat at is Ike's Place!

  2. I saw Florence back in November in LA -- was she not spectacular?? She was at LA's Greek Theater Monday night, and I was so bummed that I missed her. Glad you got to go! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  3. Stacy, keep an eye out 'cause I'll keep coming back here to brag about everything delicious I eat! Most recently: Three Twins Ice Cream and a chicken+cherries sausage at Rosamunde. Both local faves.

    Kim, the show was incredible! She is a true performer. It was like watching a statue float around and holy crap can she sing. So glad I went! The Greek was a fantastic venue for it, too.