Hear me out

Good morning daffodil in the hallway outside my bedroom door.
Hello, old friends.

It's been a while, no? If any of you are as bad at keeping in touch with people as I am, then you'll understand that the longer you go without reaching out, the harder it becomes. So here I am, four (four!) months later, crawling back to you with my tail between my legs. If I have to beg you to take me in, so help me I will do it. The surprising and wonderful thing is, however, that some of you have asked me to return to this place. To begin filling, once again, this void I've left. And that, as hard as I tried, was impossible to ignore.

I've wondered whether blogs, like dairy, have an expiration date. Do they curdle and go bad if left untouched for too long? Or is a blog more like an old piece of clothing? Something that you used to adore and wear every day, but then suddenly couldn't stand the sight of, discarding it on the floor of your closet in a sad, crumpled heap.

This has been my view of le petite blog over the last few months. A sad crumpled heap that I never wanted anyone to see again. I started shopping around to replace it, trying on generic titles and begging web designer friends for a free makeover. I hated "toes over the edge" -- so sappy, I thought. So easy to forget.

But then my sister talked me off the edge, so to speak. Own it, she said. Nurture it and be kind and it will grow into something all its own. So I've picked it up and dusted it off just in time for spring. Maybe it was hibernating for winter? Like a bear? I wonder how many metaphors I can throw at you in the form of excuses. If a blog is like a bear, a living breathing beast with a will of its own, then do I get a pass for being lazy and uninspired?

Tell me, beloved readers, that you're still there. Tell me that you'll stick with me as I figure things out and, inevitably, make changes. (Because I am nothing if not fickle.) I promise I'll be here if you will.


  1. I still owe you a pretty header. I haven't forgotten. :)

  2. Of course I'm here, darling. I've never left.

    Now, about that love letter.
    love, becs.

  3. Ready and waiting!

  4. i was just about to bug you to start posting again! :)

  5. yes, you're back! Very happy about that. And the the "expire date" on the blog metaphor made me smile.
    I started a blog last year. It has one entry... and to my embarrassment I've not touched it since, so needless to say I'm impressed by your writing courage.
    Will there be an electronic lipstick-kiss print on the love letter?

  6. Geez, I've been checking up on you for weeks to see if you have any new news for me. I'm glad you're back to give me something to do.

  7. I'm still here...I check ~once a week to see if you are...can't say the same for my own site...I think the last time I updated was last August! Maybe I'll see a rebirth in the spring too!

  8. I want you back so much I put you in my happy little blogroll! Yay!!

  9. I think the blog is more like the overall wardrobe, reflecting your style du jour, and the posts are the individual clothing items that compile it. Some of the posts are visceral like impulse buys, giving an honest glimpse into your mood at that very moment. Others are more carefully thought out, perfectly tailored to the image you want to present. Some posts try out ideas and styles that you know don't fit or flatter you, to be trotted out a few times before being discarded altogether. Some drafts linger behind all the favorites, before you can find the right ensemble to incorporate them or until you can get the courage to put them out there for the world to see.

    A blog, like a wardrobe, is ever changing to reflect who you are and who you want to be. When you hate looking at it because nothing about it is working for you anymore, sometimes a good spring cleaning is all you need. A little reorganization, redesign, a purge, or a few pretty new things can make you feel like a whole new woman. Or blog!

    Can't wait to see some pretty new posts in my feed!