I hope this isn't the last post of mine you ever read.*

Because it's late and I am up looking at photos instead of sleeping, and because I realized all I've shown you of Amsterdam so far is Orange fanaticism and pictures of cute children, here are a few favorites from just plain old city wanderings. There are plenty more where this came from, so don't be surprised if I soon rely on photography instead of writing yet again.
I hope these make you want to visit Amsterdam as much as they make me want to go back. My heart breaks a little each time I think of it, but I remind myself to also think about the things that suck about living in Amsterdam ... the depressing weather, the oft inefficient public transit (that's actually all I got right now). It's like trying to get over a crush or a break-up by imagining the other person taking a shit. Grunting, squirming, that slight yet repulsive screwing up of the features, a focus and determination in their glazed eyes as they produce sounds and smells that no one else should ever bear witness to.

How's that for a thought to start your day with? I bet you're all sitting there now, imagining various past loves squeezing a few out, and either hating me or loving me for it. You can try scrolling up to look at my stunning photos one more time, though I don't think anything will be able to get that image out of your head.

Happy Tuesday! I wish you all a triumphant crap.

*I promise I'm not always this crass. I just like the odd parallel between a city with a clogged train system, and an ex with a clogged toilet. Please don't hate me for it, and come back again. 


  1. i LOVE the third and last photos, sooo good.

  2. these photos are beautiful; pooping is gross.