Brief update from the road

Hello dear readers! I am checking in ever so quickly just so you know I haven't drowned in a canal. I have said farewell to Amsterdam and am now in Copenhagen, where I am spending a couple of days with my beloved Danish friend Anne ((who can be seen dancing like it's goin' outta style in a previous post)). We depart tomorrow for the lovely island of Bornholm, fondly referred to by the Danish as the Sunshine Island. I'll be there for 5 days or so in Anne's family's summer home. We'll hike, swim in the Baltic Sea, cook delicious dinners, and enjoy the local small-town bars. Best thing about it, no internet! It should help to somewhat curb my email-checking addiction.

Upon my return to California, you can expect a surge of posts! Until then, everyone, enjoy the sunshine. I know I will.

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